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⚡️ Chaos Machine Testing Create Wing2 ⚡️


Because some player report that they cannot create Wing2 with Chaos Machine, so we take a lot of time for checking and testing.


For testing, we change behavior of failed case:

- Previous: Clean all Items

- Now (for testing): Clean only Chaos, keep other Items


So everyone can test until get Wing2. It's safe. You will not lost Wing1 or Feather on this time.


Testing policy:

- If success: congratulation! you can keep your Wing2.

- If failed: you lost Chaos, all Items down property too (e.g. decrease level).

- Duration: Until we give conclusion that there is no problem.


Today we have one testing sample as below video:


Let's give a try when you have time and report to us your result!


PS: We will keep "Clean only Chaos, keep other Items" until finish testing. When we update, we will inform later.

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