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How to download:

  • Launcher will auto update it to your game folder: ./Tools/Minimizer/


How to use:

  • [OPTION] Run Launcher to get latest update and change Resolution if needed.
  • Run MuMinimizer.exe
  • Check Resolution:
    • If you already used our Launcher or other method to set Resolution to OS System Registry, please ignore this step. Because our Minimizer will auto detect and set it correctly for you.
    • Otherwise please set Resolution to OS System Registry firstly.
    • In best case, setting Resolution in OS System Registry should be same with Minimizer.
    • Only support 4 Resolution for now.
  • Click Start button to active Minimizer
  • Run Game:
    • By Launcher
    • By main.exe
  • Press F12 to change game from Fullscreen to WindowMode
  • Press F11 to minimize/hide game to Windows Tray.
  • Click game Icon in Windows Tray to maximize/show game.


Let's enjoy!

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