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⚡️ Auto Pickup Item with Goblin ⚡️

Let's enjoy your game and our Goblin will help you pickup some items.

Q. How to have this Goblin?
A. Let's go to meet any AngelAI and ask her rent a Goblin for free
/ai rent goblin

Q. How to choose which Item this Goblin will pickup?
A. After get Goblin from AngelAI, use command:
/help [item name]
[item name]:
- Zen
- JewelOfChaos
- JewelOfBless
- JewelOfSoul
- JewelOfLife
- JewelOfCreation
- ScrollOfTheEmperor
- BrokenSword
- TearOfElf
- SoulShardOfWizard
By default without choosing, Goblin will pickup Zen.

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