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We opened new sub Server GS 2.

We also have some updated as the attached photo.



- Remove testing mix Wing2 in GS 1, still keep it in GS 2

- Increase Golden Invasion Event Duration Time from 15 minutes to 20 minutes

- Increase reward Items on Blood Castle Event

- Increase drop rate for Archangel Weapon on Blood Castle 6 in GS 2

- New time table for Red Dragon Event and Golden Event for GS 2 (some player cannot join because their time zone)


Let's enjoy!


More Details: Fanpage

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VersionSeason 0
Total Accounts620
Total Characters671
Total Guilds14
Online Users4

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mrbeanSoul Master213297
vuong9Magic Gladiator169381
SMdeptraiSoul Master156347
PamelaMuse Elf106344
TonikusSoul Master98322

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Blood Castle
Devil Square
Golden Invasion
Dragon Invasion
Skeleton King
Fun Hour 600x
Happy Hour 700x

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