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Our server already ONLINE after Maintenance .

Sorry for late announcement.

Let's enjoy the game with us!



- Backend Upgrade

- Server Efficiency Optimize



- Cancel Sky Boss Event (because some technical reason)

- Review and reward for last 2 month (this weekend)

- New Items, Armor Sets up to version 97D (preparing)


If you have any issue with this update, don't hesitate to inform us!


Stay safe with your family and enjoy your gaming time!

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VersionSeason 0
Total Accounts557
Total Characters568
Total Guilds11
Online Users1

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vuong9Magic Gladiator117399
PamelaMuse Elf106344
vuongBlade Knight81400
sooinMuse Elf80298
TuristaBlade Knight765

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Blood Castle
Devil Square
Golden Invasion
Dragon Invasion
Skeleton King
Fun Hour 600x
Happy Hour 700x

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