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Thank you for enjoy Mu v0.96 together with us.


With plan to give better game play and better performance, we would like to inform that our server will be shutdown for server upgrading.

Nowadays, mobile gaming became more popular, newer desktop version came with more interesting event, 3D graphic improvement.

Then old gaming style become difficult to enjoy and relax.

Therefore we would like to change our development plan to challenge modern gaming style.


- From: Monday, February 01, 2021, from 00:00 AM JST

- To: to be updated


We appreciate your understanding and see you again in a near future!

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VersionSeason 0
Total Accounts620
Total Characters671
Total Guilds14
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mrbeanSoul Master2151
vuong9Magic Gladiator169381
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Blood Castle
Devil Square
Golden Invasion
Dragon Invasion
Skeleton King
Fun Hour 600x
Happy Hour 700x

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